July 14, 2008

Baby, baby....

Ok, this is fresh. I just received a picture of the quilt I made a little while back (6 months or so) for a new baby boy. I didn't take any pictures of the quilt before I sent it of to Slovakia. So, this was my little surprise. Thanks Janka.
Quilt was made using fabrics from Jo-Ann's and backing is flannel. I love the ric rac around the border. Doesn't it look like a waves for ducks to swim in?
I am so happy that mom of this little angel sent this photo. I would never be able to take such a good picture of it anyway.

July 11, 2008

The sky was closing

Uh, we had a bad storms in our area last night and through the night. Before it all started I ran outside and snapped a few pictures. Take a look! I felt like the sky was closing on us.

Also, here is picture of quilted pillow I made for another friends wedding. There is more matching accessories for this pillow in progress.

Pillow is made from mix of batiks and some coordinating solids. I just cut them randomly (regular scissors work better for this job than actual rotary cutter) and then sewed them together. Back is nice earthy batik and wooden button.

Enjoy your weekend! I will hope for some nice weather to snap those promised photos, but also I planning on gardening this weekend. Let's cross my fingers.

July 10, 2008

More stuff...

I need to take some more pictures this weekend, but would like to post about few little projects that I've worked on over time.
Four season reversible table runners:
I made these for my future mother-in-law. One is Fall(Thanksgiving) and Winter (Christmas) and the second one was Spring and Summer. I had a pattern from a client at work. You are quilting them as you sew. Sorry, I couldn't find the instructions anywhere online, but I will share them if anybody is interesting.




She likes bright colors as you can see. She likes to buy fabric and then give it to me with the request for something. Another one of these projects was this bag.

She picked up a fabric, bought the handle and even a pattern and brought it over. How much easier it could be? I will post the pattern later (Have to find it first..)

Sewing around the handle wasn't easy. There is magnetic snap on, which works great.

Enjoy your day!

July 9, 2008

Where to start...

I have so many ideas, thoughts and images in my head; I would like to share them with you all. I don't know where to start.
I was going to show you quilt #2, but I don't really have a good photo of it yet, so instead quilt #3.
This was a gift again for my dear friend BJ. She got married lost year in June ( beautiful wedding) and this quilt was my present for her and her husband.

Bargello quilt - made mainly out of scraps from my friend Pat, who thought me how to quilt. Both border fabrics were new from Jo-Ann's. I thought this was easy and went together fast, but since I was busy with school and work it took me almost a year to finished it (most of it was adding borders, take it to quilting lady, as I call her, and finishing binding). I still can't believe it took me so long, but it's done and they love it, which is the most important.

It's been little over a month that Fana is no longer with us. We all miss her a lot.

I can't wait to show you all the other projects I did, and mainly the WIPs. There is a lot of them. So hopefully I will be inspired to finished them all soon, since now I have a place to show them off.
Enjoy the sun today.

P.S.: One more thing. Sorry for my weird English. I've been in US for almost eight years , but it is still a little weird. I want to be relaxed when I write here, so I don't pay as much attention to .... " Does it sounds right? " Please, deal with me.

July 8, 2008

It 's my turn

It's been about 6-7 months now since I discovered the blog world. I know, too late. How come I didn't know anything about it before. Where have I lived?

Well, that doesn't matter anymore. I have one too, now. My intentions with this blog are simple: - to gain a lots of new friends;
- to be able share what I can do with others;
- not feel guilty only reading other blogs and not sharing my part;
- I am going to try my best to keep this blog mainly craft - sewing, quilting related;

I learned how to sew from my mom. She never quilted (In Slovakia, quilting is not very common), but she knew how to sew together almost anything. Lucky me!
My quilting adventure started with baby quilt, which I helped to sew with the colleague of mine. She has been a quilter for years and loved to share her love for quilting with me.
This is the quilt we worked on together. Escaping Bugs Quilt, paper piecing technique, I think pattern she bought here.

(Yep, this what I started with, which is great.)
I learned a lot and fast. Ever since I became an addict.
I will share more later.
Thanks for visiting.