December 31, 2009

...and another year is over

2009 for me, was the year of transition:
  • the year, that I started surrounded by my close family after being apart for a long long time, at least for a few days
  • the year that started very well on the crafting front, but ended very poorly
  • the year of the best harvest ever in our little garden
  • the year of many firsts: first fishing trip, first salsa made, first research trip ever, first time in Canada, first time kayaking, jumping of the cliffs, first real presentation on the conference, first time grad student
  • the year when new plans were made
  • the year, when one career ended and the new is starting
  • the year that I abandoned my blog for the longest time ever...
..., but even-though managed to create something.

The year that will be over in several hours...

Right now I am full of expectations on what is waiting for me in 2010, since I already learned not to plan too hard...
However, I have a lot in mind for this little space of mine and hope I can share...

Let's start fresh tomorrow...

August 2, 2009

100th post and a giveaway winner...

I would like to thank you for participating in my first, but definitely not last giveaway. I enjoyed reading your comments and the various ideas for those fun fabrics.

I cut 22 different fabrics in various amounts from quarter yard to about a half yard.
I used the random number generator to find...

The winner ....Bumble Beans

I am sending you an email as I am writing this. I sure hope you will enjoy these.

I spent my weekend preparing for a big camping trip to Canada, but I was able to harvest whatever was in the garden and produce some yummy salsa.

Now is 1am and I am leaving tomorrow early morning. I will be missing from this space for couple of weeks, but will be back full of motivation. I am taking along my new toy to keep my hands busy on those long rainy days - yo-yo maker. On that later...

July 29, 2009

Secret Grandma's Garden and GIVEAWAY...

It took a little a longer, but Grandma's Garden is finished. I really like it and hope that it will auction well at the reunion this weekend. I wish I could be there, but I am getting ready for a little adventure here. I will be gone for about two weeks roaming through woods of Canada, leaving Monday. I am really excited. Do you have any suggestion for small hand sewing projects while camping?

Instead of using binding I just sew the backing on as if it would be a pillow. One of the reasons was the lack of time, but also I didn't feel like it needed a border or binding. I am glad I did that.

I used simple straight lines to quilt this one just to make sure that I won't mess up the flowers.

Also, I just realized this week that it was a year since I started blogging at the beginning of July and I am also approaching a 100th post , I decided to giveaway some vintage fabric.
This box of fabric is only one of several (but my favorite) that I received this summer from friends who thought of me anytime when someone was getting rid of fabric. I love these.
They are in very good shape.

I will share a fat quarter to a half yard (depending on the amount I have) of each with the winner.
Go ahead, leave a comment, and let me know what would you use it for until midnight on Saturday 8/1/2009. Get an extra entry if you blog about it (feel free to use this photo) or become a follower of this blog.

EDIT: I hope that you can all view the picture of fabrics now. I guess it didn't work well before. I did had issues earlier with photo uploads. (7-29-2009 12:42pm CST)

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July 27, 2009

Gratefull and sewing...

Let me just start of by saying how glad I am to have a blog. Just by getting back and reading all those blogs in my reader, I was able to throw back all the bitterness, anger, stress and soak up inspiration, motivation and peaceful, happy attitude. Why did it took me so long ???
I spent my week catching up (I think that describes it the best) and planning my new project.

And as it couldn't get any better, I was invited to meet my blog friend Jennie at the local quilt shop for a Lock-in organized by her friend Vicki. This was the first time I have met someone form the blogland and the first time that I participated in any of the class/ lock-in/ quilt-group activities.
Oh, and was this fun... I had the best time sewing away and chatting with my new friends.

Thanks again Jennie for inviting me...

Now, on to the project... This little "wall hanging to be" has a story behind it. Every year the first weekend of August we travel to Pennsylvania for a family reunion. It is not my family, but I was taken in as if it was .. well that is a long story. The oldest member of the family is Grandma, she will be 91 next week. The reunion is always the weekend of her birthday. Grandma found out about my love for frugal quilts, scraps and vintage fabrics. She sent me a box full of cut up pieces of her robe that she was not ready to part with and wanted to see if I could use it for anything.
How could I not find the project for it (It is bright fuchsia fabric, puffy and soft, but not quite like minky.). In fact, I had a perfect one in mind. I also wanted to create something for the reunion auction we have every year.

That is how Grandma Secret Garden wall hanging came to life. I used mostly my scraps (I had plenty of greens.), but I had to buy some more of pinks and purples, since I don't have much of those shades.

I started at noon on Saturday and this is how it looks now. I will put it together and quilt it tonight.

The original pattern came from the magazine I have, but I found it here as well (scroll to page #31) . I adjusted the size and number of blocks due to the time crunch I am in.

I just realized as I am typing all this that it has been a little over a year since I had this blog and I totally missed it... :)

Well, we need to celebrate... come back for a giveaway soon.

July 22, 2009

Hey, do you still remember me?

I hope that at least some of you still might... :)

I have disappeared from this space for some time now, but don't worry you didn't miss much on my front. Only very unmotivated, slightly depressed and totally useless woman that had no idea what is going on with her. I blame it on stress from way too many things happening at the time... I have to blame it on something, right?

This blog is meant to be all about crafts and there is a heavy layer of dust around my sewing area, so I am off to get moving and get some quilts done... The first one actually has a due date, which is next week... here is a peek of where the idea came from...

I am afraid, I have missed out way too much of all that you have been doing. Sorry for that, I will try to catch up on all that in between some crazy sewing marathon...
Do you want to help me out? Let me know about the most exciting project that you have finished or were working on in the past two months...

June 7, 2009

Poor people food...

I was able to cook this weekend with the first fruits of this year's garden (of course, if I don't count radishes, those we are eating for weeks now...). I have planted about 15 kohlrabi plants and if you grew those before, you know it takes a while until the fruit is ready. However, there is plenty of kohlrabi leaves before that.
When I was little, my grandma use to make this meal every time my dad brought kohlrabi from garden or we bought some at the store. I think she developed this recipe in times when food was scarce and people were trying not to trow anything away. What do you do with the left over leaves?

"PODLUBKY"(I quess it was my Grandma who named it, it doesn't really mean anything, we can call it Kohlrabi greens thick soup....)
What would you need? (4 servings)

  • 20 or more kohlrabi leaves
  • approx. 10-15 slices of bacon, if you use thin sliced
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic
  • a little milk and flour
  • salt, pepper, vegetable seasoning
Wash kohlrabi leaves and cut the main stem out.

Roll the leaves up and cut into half inch pieces.

Here you can see my compost bowl/ colander... everything that can, goes to compost around here...

Next dice bacon, and heat to crispy bacon pieces, then add kohlrabi. If you are vegetarian this could be substituted by onion and bit of olive oil.

Once, kohlrabi leaves are a little softer, add water (broth), so everything is covered.
Add garlic, seasonings and cook until soft for 20-30 minutes. Let it boil and then simmer.

While simmering add mixture of flour and milk (about 3 spoons of flour), just to thicken the soup), if you are used to thickening your soups somehow else, go ahead.

We eat this with egg - "sunny side up" on the top and bread, which is optional.
Use your imagination...

This might not be that gourmet food that you want to make for your guest, but it is very tasty and also healthy. The most important it is super cheap and quick. Most of the people throw those leaves away.
If you never tried kohlrabi before, than all I can say is, "You should give them a try."

June 5, 2009

Weekend inspiration...

It is late, but I would like to report on our last weekend spent in Devils Lake, WI. We had the best time.
Take a look...
there was a lot of woodland picture taking...

...hiking with beautiful views... and preparing yummy fish on the fire...

oh, and Dominoes playing...

Like I said the best time...

Have a great weekend, mine will be spent outdoors again...

May 27, 2009


I guess, I took almost unexpected break from blogging and bunch of other things, but here I am ready to get back to my normal.
I needed some time off from my usual, at least, that is how I explain myself to myself. :)
I spent a lot of time outside not far, just in my yard, enjoying every new leaf that grew and every new bloom.

My vegetables are all planted in abundance, now I am anxious to harvest fruits.

I visited with old friends and family, who hardly see me during the school time.
The most important, I organized my life a bit (really just a bit) and set my priorities once again...

Now? I am really longing for craftiness.

..but before I have to show for any of that, here are some pieces of my garden...

Thank you all for comments wondering about me and whether I found time to sew... I read and appreciate them all. I guess it is hard to admit several times in row that things are not going the way I wished they would. :)
Thanks for visiting...

May 8, 2009

Finals are done, I am back...

Just a quick note for those who might want to know... Yep, finals and school is behind me for now and I will be back here enjoying the crafty days with you. I have a long list of want to and need to, but since my work situation is not going to change for now, I do have more time on my hands.
All of you moms out there, enjoy yours Mother's Day weekend! We will be out of town till Monday.

Happy mother's day to my mom that is far far away.... I love you mom.

And here, so my dad does not need to translate:

vsetko najlepsie ku Dnu Matiek!
Lubim Ta a chybas mi...
Som rada ze ta mam...

May 5, 2009

A bad news...

Thank you all for stopping by. I have been working on my school stuff all this time. All of my projects are finished and I am pretty proud of them. I have last two finals tomorrow. Then I will be back here as usual.
In fact, I might be here more often. I just found out today that my hours at work are going to be cut almost in half starting next week, maybe till June. Reason? I guess economy...
I am more then frustrated since we had lost one income in the house already. What do i do? I am having a feeling I 'll find out soon.
I might have a back up plan, but that will require some prayers. :)
On the other side, Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is holding the Spring to Finish on till the end of May. I am looking for some quality time spent behind the sewing machine.
Wish me luck... I'll need it.

April 23, 2009


That is how I feel right now and for the past couple of days.
The semester is almost over and I need to hold on and pull more hours until it's over.., so please bear with me with fewer posts and being way behind on reading about your projects and days. I will catch up eventually.
Also, thank you all for warm comments about the Mountain Boy Quilt. Every single one made a smile on my face, I really appreciated them all. I am slowly getting to reply to all of them.
And for today? I am off to work. I have another long day in front of me, but I will leave you with my quilt in progress. These are pictures from the little sewing I was able to do this past weekend...

This layout is different from the previous one in this post - I accidentally flipped the darks and lighs. Which on do you like better?

I have eight more blocks to go... maybe I'll get to it this weekend...

April 19, 2009

Online Quilt Festival '09...

By now I've caught up with my blog reading and seen many many beautiful quilts. Many of them were part of the On line Quilt festival that Amy at Park City Girl organized for all of us that don't have the chance to visit big quilt shows.
Check out my side bar for the link to see all those great quilts featured.

It was hard to pick just one, but ..

Here is my favorite...

This quilt started as a charity quilt for baby boy in Kentucky mountains. I pulled out my scrap bin and one very sweet (father and son) fabric, I bought a while ago to make this quilt.

Also, I wanted to try some improvisational piecing inspired by Jacquie, so I just played along as pulling scraps from bin.

All this became one beautiful quilt. I fell in love with it and could not bear departing it to the unknown.

So instead I kept it and made three other quilts for Mountain Baby Blankets project.
It is also the biggest quilt I ever quilted on my own and I am just all over that crinkled softness.

Here all for you a load of pictures of it that I love...

April 17, 2009

Spring Finish #1

I've been waiting and waiting to be able to blog about this one.
Let me tell you, this quilt has been awaiting its finish for almost two years. The sad part is, that not only the quilt, but also its receivers were waiting... way too long. Luckily, they are our very good friends and they were super - extra - unbelievably patient.
Thanks guys!

OK, so on about the quilt.
First, it was a pillow, which was a tease that R & M received for their bridal/groom shower.

Then there was a quilt:

It is made strictly with batiks and solids all in earthy colors.
The quilt was transformed from its original stage to the one you see above after I found this inspiration on Flickr...
OK, here I was going to post the link were my inspiration came from. I can't find it! (It was red and white combo.)Please, if any of you recognize any similarity with quilt you've seen and know how to find the link, let me know. THANKs.

Quilting was done by my friends at Basketcases Unlimited, but inspired by flickr quilt.

The back is simple and binding is made out scraps of batiks and solids.

and later on two more pillows were made.

Hope, you will enjoy this R&M!

I am way behind on reading blogs here. It's beautiful out, so we are going to finish tilling that garden and maybe plant first radishes.
And then? More school stuff.
Enjoy your weekend...