March 31, 2009

Baby quilt #2...

Thanks to those who replied on ugly fabric use. (If you didn't or don't know what I am talking about, see previous post; any other ideas are more then welcome)
It seems that you mainly pass it on someone else. I just have to say :
Thank you because it thanks to people like you, that I was able to start quilting.

I am considering to post more about the projects that I made from various given, unwanted fabrics. For me it is more like a challenge to find a use for them. Would you be interested?

Well, let's take a look on the baby quilt #2:

Again, this quilt was one of those, made out of the given children fabrics. I don't have any kids, but I really enjoy making baby/ kids crafts. Many were gifts and now with mountain babies, I couldn't resist.
I also call this one a yellow quilt. I am really starting to like yellow lately.

The back is flannel that I bought about two years ago for something else, but decided to use it here.

I like the quilting on this one. You know, I tried and am trying to learn free motion quilting, but I get to a certain point and get very frustrated and need to leave for a while. This was the closest I could get with walking foot. Next time, I would sew the lines closer together.

Baby quilt # 3 is still missing the binding because I miss the correct thread color, but soon it will be fixed.

March 30, 2009

Baby quilt #1 & what to do with ugly fabrics...

I am going to post about this one again since something happened to the photo earlier, it somehow showed with weird colors.

Here is the exchange quilt all quilted and washed. It is as soft and crinkly as the first one in these colors.

Binding is again the funky star fabric and the backing that so many of you liked so much are again the same thrifty flannel sheets. I had enough for one more backing, so you'll see it again.

Now, how about those ugly fabrics.
I somehow became that person that inherits the fabrics from quilters that either are ready for some new fabrics or from families of pass quilters that don't know what to do with all that "treasure" , so they somehow find me. I am OK with that. Since I am student with limited budget that certainly helps to keep my creating on. It is sad sometimes to see the projects ( I found some real treasures...) that the crafter would hope will stay in the family for many many generations, bagged up in the pile of boxes to get rid off.
Well, so here is where I come in and gratefully take what is given to me and try to make the best out of it. It is the same with the this quilt and some of the quilts that will come. If fabrics are not really my style, and sometimes there is a lot of those I cut them up into strips and use them in scrap quilts.

An example: Well, purple star fabric is one of those I wouldn't normally use. I got that one from my friend Pat, she has been quilting for over 15 years and handed me the box of fabrics that she was tired of looking at. I 've used many many of Pat's fabrics in my quilts already and I still have a lot left.
You already seen it used above on the baby quilt for binding.
Look at the star fabric here, doesn't it add a little magic to the log cabin quilt (one of my WIP)?

I still have about fat quarter left. I am pretty sure it will find it's use.

How do you use fabrics you don't like? Do you throw them out? Do you give them to people like me? :)hehe
Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

PS: I understand that calling a fabric ugly is very subjective, but we all know about some, right?

March 29, 2009

Quilting Assembly Line...

I am enjoying my still very productive weekend. I had a big plans and I think, I am going to not only accomplish what I planned, but even exceed it. It doesn't happen very often, if ever. I am really happy.
I'll start with Saturday.
First, I cleaned up the house, did the laundry and made lunch. Then, I cut, pieced and put together three other baby quilts for this project. They are very simple designs, so I could finish them soon and send them to their homes. I was able to baste (with spray) one of them before...

I took a break and went out for dinner with my other half, that was kind enough and understand that I can't possible cook dinner at the time. :)
Came back and basted rest of quilts just in time for Earth Hour.
It was so nice to turn of the lights and figure out what are we going to do in dark with couple of candles. We played cards! We haven't play cards forever. We had so much fun, that we prolong the dark earth hour till almost 10:30 pm.

We woke up to the white, icy morning. Perfect for early breakfast and quiet hand sewing with coffee.

I finished sewing the binding on the quilt that I started in Summer 2007 as a gift for a wedding. Yep, the wedding was in September that year. I am way past due with the gift, but luckily our friends are very patient. However, the quilt is done and will need the post of it's own after it will be given to almost two year old married couple. Ups... You can see the sneak peaks here.

Rest of my Sunday, was spent with quilting my baby quilts. As of right now, all three are quilted and one has even binding sewn on, binding is in works for two others. They will probably each get a post of their own. We'll see.

I hope you had a great weekend as I did. School work? What is that? OK, I will stop writing now.

March 25, 2009

In Exchange For...

I put together this quilt top last night. I will baste it (with my basting spray) and quilt it this weekend. This one will be a substitute for this one, which I intend to keep. I even used the same scrap fabrics for strips and squares.
I have a bunch of other children fabrics pulled out and ready to be pieced into some more children quilts or blankets. I was lucky and received one of the boxes from a family of pass quilter. So much vintage fabrics, started yo-yo quilt and well children fabrics. I love it. Coming soon...

Photo shooting...

So, it is not even 8:00am and I am on the lookout for some sunny day to finally photograph the quilt. We had such a strong storm last night, I was pessimistic about sunny morning, but...

Here I am, while still in PJ's, trying to study and write a paper that is due today in a couple of hours, the quilt won't stop starring at me. So I go outside, grab my camera, folding chair and the quilt. It is still windy and freaking cold (remember I am in PJ's and bare feet in slippers), but the sun is shinning!

I told you, so soft and crinkly! The back is made out of thrifty flannel sheet.

I planned for binding made out of scraps similar to log cabins, but those were mostly about 1.5" wide, so I reached for other fun scrap piece, black and purplish stars. I think it looks nice.

March 24, 2009

In quilting...

So this what I was doing last night. I know, my back was sore from Sunday's work in the yard and I had stuff to do for school, but I had to do it.

It also looked like this. :)

My head is ready to explode with the amount of the ideas I have for the future projects, but I told myself I can't do any of that until I finish what I started. At least I will try, OK?

The quilt is finished and washed and all soft and crinkled. It is so soft! I love it and it grows on me more and more. Do you think I could change my mind about the future of this quilt if I would make it up and make an extra one for this cause? I already started to piece another one. Please?

I will post the finished pictures as long as we have some sun back. It has been cloudy, windy, and raining the last couple of days.

March 22, 2009

Smoky weekend...

Except of being out of the town most of the weekend, we managed to burn part of the last year garden that was not planted, clean up the flower beds, well and some of us rested outside, enjoying warm, spring day.

March 20, 2009

Tutorial... for the lack of sewing.

I was forced to stay away from my sewing machine for the whole week. It is Friday and after work we were supposed to go out with our friends. I still had about an hour and so before I needed to leave. Soo, I had these jeans that I wanted to wear, but they were about 2"-2.5" too long. I am not too big on the high heels to solve this problem and the place where we were going is very informal. Well, I decided to use up the little time I have and get closer with my sewing machine once again.
This is how I hemmed my jeans.
1. I tried them on and with the shoes on, I marked how long I wanted them. Then I folded them up and measured 1 and 1/4" from the original hem. I sewed 1/4" away from original stitching. See pictures...

I've seen people sewing right next to original stitching, but I was afraid that it would be too bulky.

2. After all stitched I folded it back and pressed. I changed my thread to black, so it was matching the original thread (if yours is yellow, you can actualy buy jeans brownish/yellow thread in most fabric stores) and sewed over one more time right side up. There are going to be areas where you would have a lot of layers of jeans to sew over. Just slow down or sew it manually (you turn the wheel on the side of your machine.

3. All done! I was too lazy and in hurry to cut the extra from jeans that you hemmed in. I might still do it. I would use zig zag stich to make sure they wouldn't frey.

I think that most of you probably know how to do this, but i felt like the tutorial today, so there it is. Maybe it would help some of you.
I am missing on those specific terms, but I hope that the pictures will be helpful. Let me know if you have any question.
Oh, the night out with friends was nice. The old/new jeans are so comfy, great for the Friday night.

March 15, 2009

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"...

I kept telling myself to hold of from posting about this quilt again before it is all done, but...

First, I like the big blue border so much (Thanks Jacquie!), I had to share it with you.
Second, my spring break is over and nights full of reading and writing instead of sewing ahead of me.
Third, I am going to follow Jacquie's suggestion for the scalloped edge as well, but with the amount of school work ahead and the other quilt basted and in need of some quilting, I am not sure how long I would have to wait to post about this one.
So here it is...

I used up all my left over blues from boats. I am going to piece the back together sometimes this week in between work and school. I have some cool ideas running through my head.

Today, I used the basting spray for the first time. It's great! I can't believe I haven't used it till now. I am not too crazy about quilting, basting, and binding process of quilting. I prefer piecing the tops. Well, basting spray just made one of my less favorite work much faster. Kris helped me out with some questions and after her encouragement I was ready to go. Having everybody (including the dog) out of the house helped a lot.

March 14, 2009

Sail Boat Quilt

I got it right this time...

... and I like it a lot...

I am deciding, whether I would like another border around it or not. Maybe...

March 13, 2009

This and that....

Yesterday, after coming home from work, I could hardly wait to sit down and really enjoy my new space with my favorite music playing and full tea cup on the side. So I pulled one of the old WIP projects that I planned to finish. I guess that was not supposed to happen. I did it all, music and tea and motivation, but everything that I possibly could do wrong, I did wrong. I had one of those evenings.
First, I cut the fabric in the wrong direction. They are supposed to be waves on the ocean. Yeah, wrong direction.

After all new stripes cut, I sew them all (because of the chain sewing) the wrong side on. Oh, how I hate seam ripping...
After resewing them with the right sides together, I found another mistake. I think these blocks just don't want to become a quilt top.
Can you see that mistake on this one? Check out my plan sketch for help...

So this is where I stopped and pulled a different project out.
I decided to pull down my big basket of scraps and look through to sort. What can go wrong with sorting?
I sorted super small pieces from larger scraps and all of the medium ones I cut into mostly one inch strips for this project. I joined in late, so I have a lot to catch up.
While sorting, I made a nice little pile of pink and orangish strips for Project Improv. I joined in late for that one as well, so I need to send my blocks in still.
So I started on those.

The first one I did is not my favorite, it would be probably because I started on it last night and I trimmed it weird, but this second one I really like.( I am considering the whole quilt out of these.) Jacquie, I am sending both in, see if you could use them.

Now I am off to finish my Boat quilt from last night. Wish me luck :) !

P.S: Thanks to Rose for Sisterhood award I received from her. Check out her blog, she makes some great garments for herself.

March 11, 2009

My New Favorite Spot...

I just got my brand new sewing area. Well, at least I feel like I do. The whole transition started unexpectedly last Friday, while I was desperately searching for a certain fabric of mine. As I was pulling fabrics out, I started to realize that it is time to sort, since I had no idea where what was.

It took me forever to go through every single piece of fabric I own, ironed it, folded it and put it on the neat pile. I loved the process though. This is when the idea of the total reorganization became very real. I knew I needed more shelves and storage boxes and .... well space ( but since there is no more, I forgot about that one right away..). The two extra wall shelves made the difference.

I took the time and searched for the perfect storage boxes for my fat quarters or any other pieces under 1/2 yard. Since my sewing corner is in our living room/ dining room/ family room and we and our guests spend a lot of time here, I needed something better than just plastic shoe box. I found these simple white photo storage boxes at Jo Ann's currently on sale. They are perfect...

All of my other fabrics are stored in these file cabinets and plastic storage boxes hidden under the table.

Projects that I am working on are on the left, everything else tucked away.
I am very excited about this new space. I am already anxious to get home from work tomorrow and put it to use.

The big (thrifted picnic) basket on the top shelf is full of scraps.

I have a few more ideas how to make this spot even prettier, but that actually requires some time behind the sewing machine... :) Soon to come though...
It is Spring Break and my plans were mainly to sew and finish unfinished projects, but this kind of change of plans works for me just fine.

March 9, 2009

Just a quick post...

Just popping in to tell you that I am in the process of reorganizing my sewing corner and sorting through the fabrics. I can't wait to share it all with you. I have been working on some WIP projects, but will need to share photos after my computer is all updated and ready. A lot of things going on here.... Well, it is spring break.
Enjoy your week!

March 2, 2009

She is amazing....

I like to talk about my sister a lot, simply because she is amazing. I already mentioned that she started a blog of her own. She has gone a long ways since then, go check it out. Now it's even available in English. She has been knitting and baking and creating ever since I left home. You can even see the hat she made for my other half.

March 1, 2009

A productive weekend...

I can happily admit that I was sewing most of the weekend. Finally! I had a great time.
I am especially happy about this quilt.

Sorry, for the crapy picture. I call it Mountain Boy quilt because it is going to Kentucky. You can read more about it here & here. It was done totally out of my scraps, except the white. This was the first time I did this 'sew as you go' style and I really enjoyed it.
This corner block is my favorite...

Now, I just have to get brave enough to quilt it. I planning on scrapy binding as well. Oh, I am going to love this one a lot.

I also finished borders for my other quilt. Thank you again for all the suggestions on the borders. I came up with this...

and this is how it looks like all finished...

I might still add a cream color border around.
I don't know if you remember when I talked about finally doing something for myself and being a selfish for a bit. In reality, I enjoyed working on the Mountain boy quilt much more than this one. Somehow, it is more satisfing to create for others, isn't it?