March 29, 2009

Quilting Assembly Line...

I am enjoying my still very productive weekend. I had a big plans and I think, I am going to not only accomplish what I planned, but even exceed it. It doesn't happen very often, if ever. I am really happy.
I'll start with Saturday.
First, I cleaned up the house, did the laundry and made lunch. Then, I cut, pieced and put together three other baby quilts for this project. They are very simple designs, so I could finish them soon and send them to their homes. I was able to baste (with spray) one of them before...

I took a break and went out for dinner with my other half, that was kind enough and understand that I can't possible cook dinner at the time. :)
Came back and basted rest of quilts just in time for Earth Hour.
It was so nice to turn of the lights and figure out what are we going to do in dark with couple of candles. We played cards! We haven't play cards forever. We had so much fun, that we prolong the dark earth hour till almost 10:30 pm.

We woke up to the white, icy morning. Perfect for early breakfast and quiet hand sewing with coffee.

I finished sewing the binding on the quilt that I started in Summer 2007 as a gift for a wedding. Yep, the wedding was in September that year. I am way past due with the gift, but luckily our friends are very patient. However, the quilt is done and will need the post of it's own after it will be given to almost two year old married couple. Ups... You can see the sneak peaks here.

Rest of my Sunday, was spent with quilting my baby quilts. As of right now, all three are quilted and one has even binding sewn on, binding is in works for two others. They will probably each get a post of their own. We'll see.

I hope you had a great weekend as I did. School work? What is that? OK, I will stop writing now.


micha said...

Wow, that qulit looks really wonderful. I arrived on your side via soulemama stopping at your name, because my name is Michaela, too. Greetings from germany!

rachel said...

Those are great snowy house photos. It's the funniest snow. It looks like the snow at the ski area from the snow machines, as if a snow maker machine wheeled along past your house and covered it with winter. I also love your photos of quilts blowing in the breeze on the clothes line. I can't wait to take pictures like that once my yard defrosts. Thanks for the ideas.