March 31, 2009

Baby quilt #2...

Thanks to those who replied on ugly fabric use. (If you didn't or don't know what I am talking about, see previous post; any other ideas are more then welcome)
It seems that you mainly pass it on someone else. I just have to say :
Thank you because it thanks to people like you, that I was able to start quilting.

I am considering to post more about the projects that I made from various given, unwanted fabrics. For me it is more like a challenge to find a use for them. Would you be interested?

Well, let's take a look on the baby quilt #2:

Again, this quilt was one of those, made out of the given children fabrics. I don't have any kids, but I really enjoy making baby/ kids crafts. Many were gifts and now with mountain babies, I couldn't resist.
I also call this one a yellow quilt. I am really starting to like yellow lately.

The back is flannel that I bought about two years ago for something else, but decided to use it here.

I like the quilting on this one. You know, I tried and am trying to learn free motion quilting, but I get to a certain point and get very frustrated and need to leave for a while. This was the closest I could get with walking foot. Next time, I would sew the lines closer together.

Baby quilt # 3 is still missing the binding because I miss the correct thread color, but soon it will be fixed.


QuiltedSimple said...

Very pretty - so bright and cheerful! Looks good

Ashley said...

Hi Michaela! Just leaving you a comment to let you know that you won a bag of scraps in my scrap giveaway! Send me an email with your address so I can get that out to you.

addiedew at

Philigry said...

oh, i love it. great job.

Ajka said...

Je to krása. A má to aj nádhernú rubovú stranu.

Kim said...

This quilts got style! I don't have babies or little kids, no grandchildren either, but I sure do like to make quilts for those who belong to others.

Amy said...

That would make any baby happy!