September 27, 2008

Little about me....

I stumbled upon this fun photo play few days ago here and wanted to try it, just to see what will I come up with. It is addictive!! Have fun!!!

Here are some suggestions from Jane that I found very helpful.

(NOTE: if you are going to do this,
make sure that you join up to the mosaic maker site first!
I spent a long time doing it
and then had to join & lost everything!)
Here´s how you do it...type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search, using only the first page, choose an image, copy and paste each of the URL’s into the mosaic maker (3 columns, 4 rows).

The questions:

1. What is your first name? [Michaela]

2. What is your favorite food? [Potato]

3. What high school did you attend?[Kosice, Slovakia]

4. What is your favorite color?[green]

5. Who is your celebrity crush?[Eric Bana]

6. Favorite drink?[Margaritas]

7. Dream vacation?[Puerto Rico]

8. Favorite dessert?[Chocolate Ice Cream]

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?[Mother]

10.What do you love most in life?[Nature]

11. One word to describe you.[Honest]

12. Your Flickr name.[Michaela]

The links to the pictures in my mosaic:

1. Michaela Robin - My New Little Girl - 4, 2. Heart potato, 3. Inside The Cathedral, 4. Green on Green, 5. Eric Bana, 6. Ritas, 7. Dreamland, 8. choco-vanilla swirl, 9. 2 months + 26 days, 10. technicolor bois de boulogne in Paris :-), 11. drops of purple petals, 12. Howling at the Moon

September 26, 2008

New/ Old Kitchen

This past weekend our landlord cleaned up part of the barn and picked up few stuff that he was going to get rid off. He called me to ask me if I want to take a look first. It was very nice of him and yes, of course, I wanted to take a look. I picked up most of toys (outdoor toys) for my dear friend that just had a baby, but found something for me too. This dresser (the bottom part) was a perfect size to fit with my thrifted shelf from about three years ago. They look together as they were meant to be for each other.

This addition really put our little kitchen together and created brand new space for us. I have enough storage for all those little things just laying around before and shelf to show off my little treasures.

I hanged my favorite vintage apron on the drawers and love it even more.

Look what I found in thrift shop? I think it's beginning of a new collection. It fits great in my new/old kitchen.

Our new addition might not coordinate with our second shelf in the kitchen, but I know that one day when we have our own house we will be able to make it work. For right now, we enjoy what we have and collect pieces for our future dream home.

September 24, 2008

WIP #2

Another project that is awaiting its finishing. Plan is to finish before winter, so we shall see.

99% of fabrics used here are once and again scraps that i inherited from my dear friend Pat. If you check back on some of my past projects, there is very few where I DID NOT use Pat's fabric. I should have her photo and name on my side bar dedicated to sponsors.

Log cabin quilt mainly inspired by this. I have few more block added on already since this picture was taken, but still about 20 to go. If I end up with enough scraps left, I would use the same border as she used.

September 23, 2008

WIP #1

I hope this will help me stay on track. You are my witnesses.
This is another bug quilt all cut and ready to go. Well two more reptiles need to be paper-pieced and then I can really start put everything together. Last night I pull it out again and set it the way i like it. Here are the pictures so I remember. Sorry for the picture quality. I am still working on that.

This is my favorite bug fabric.

September 22, 2008

Ok, ok I couldn't help myself.....

Yes, I started something new....

... but I finished it already too. Well at least the top.

I hope my mom is not reading this. And if she does, I hope my dad is not translating. OK, dad?? I get to go home to visit for Christmas after almost eight years. Yes, I am very excited. This quilt will be for her. I can see it hanging on the wall in the living room, but I will let her decide where she wants it. Color wash part is hand down fabrics from my good friend Pat and dark blue and light green are from Joann's. I am thinking about reddish, burgundy binding (since my mom's sofa is burgundy.. and it would pull some of that from the mixed fabrics in the middle) What do you think?

September 21, 2008

Lucky me...

Don't you love it when someone goes "gaga" over something you made? I do, I do and I do. It is great satisfying feeling of great accomplishment. Don't we create things for others because we expect that they will love it (at least as much as we do) and use it and their friends will admire it?? Well, maybe I am going a little too far, but during our trip to PA I had that feeling. The pillows you see I made for Gramma and here are her cousins and other related ladies admiring them.
One of them(the one in the striped shirt) decided that she will give me some of her mother's and hers left over fabric (old fabric? scraps? yeah....). I received a surprise package couple weeks after our visit out there. Sorry, I don't have a photo. I made this table runner to her taste as a Thank you and guess what? She is putting together more fabrics for me. Thanks Anna.

September 20, 2008

Family Reunion = Connections...

We headed to Pennsylvania last month for our family reunion. When I first heard about family reunion I didn't know what to expect. There is no such an event for families back home. Of course, families do meet, but those are mainly the closest family members. Anything close to this size of family meeting is usually only during funerals or wedding, which is sad. Therefore, I became a huge fan of family reunions. Another very fun part of our family reunion is that there are several events happening during that weekend. One of my favorite is Chinese auction. Everybody (almost everybody) brings something to be auctioned there. We buy tickets and place them next to the items we like and then numbers are drawn. Luckily there is a lot of older members of the family that are crafty (painters, carvers, woodworkers, cooks,.... and now quilters and sewers- is this a word??? maybe )
Well, I am explaining all the process, where you all probably know what Chinese auction is anyway.
On the top of this every year during family reunion is Gramma's birthday.She is the oldest member of the family and doing great. This year she turned 90. This is what I made for her. The inspiration came from this book.

She liked it, but not only she. And here is where "connections" comes to place, but that would be for the next post.

And this is what I brought for Chinese auction. The Gourmet set included: reversible apron, two potholders, and reusable shopping bag.

September 19, 2008

Busy Bee....

Well, I disappeared again, didn't I. It was a little crazy around here for a while, but I am back on track again. Maybe even more then ever before. I promised some pictures (better pictures..) and updates on my finished projects.
1. Pictures : I tried (you'll see), but anything better than that requires a better camera, which is not happening for a little while.
2. Projects: I've got those ready to show you.

I've been slowly making my way through all of my unfinished projects, but it was slow... and didn't really worked that well. After some alone time and cleaning, organizing my crafty corner of our little house, I was determined not to start anything new until the most important projects disappeared.I am going to create a list of some sort to keep me even more on track.

These are little onesies, receiving blanket and play tote (with a toy - frog) for my friend BJ. She gave a birth to her beautiful baby boy Ben on September 2nd. Picture of him laying on my blanket was posted on the hospital website, I was in seventh heaven. I also made a matching baby sling to a play tote, but I will post a picture with a baby in it, since it doesn't look like much without a model.
I have a lot more to show you, but that is for more than just one post. Check back tomorrow...