September 20, 2008

Family Reunion = Connections...

We headed to Pennsylvania last month for our family reunion. When I first heard about family reunion I didn't know what to expect. There is no such an event for families back home. Of course, families do meet, but those are mainly the closest family members. Anything close to this size of family meeting is usually only during funerals or wedding, which is sad. Therefore, I became a huge fan of family reunions. Another very fun part of our family reunion is that there are several events happening during that weekend. One of my favorite is Chinese auction. Everybody (almost everybody) brings something to be auctioned there. We buy tickets and place them next to the items we like and then numbers are drawn. Luckily there is a lot of older members of the family that are crafty (painters, carvers, woodworkers, cooks,.... and now quilters and sewers- is this a word??? maybe )
Well, I am explaining all the process, where you all probably know what Chinese auction is anyway.
On the top of this every year during family reunion is Gramma's birthday.She is the oldest member of the family and doing great. This year she turned 90. This is what I made for her. The inspiration came from this book.

She liked it, but not only she. And here is where "connections" comes to place, but that would be for the next post.

And this is what I brought for Chinese auction. The Gourmet set included: reversible apron, two potholders, and reusable shopping bag.

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