September 26, 2008

New/ Old Kitchen

This past weekend our landlord cleaned up part of the barn and picked up few stuff that he was going to get rid off. He called me to ask me if I want to take a look first. It was very nice of him and yes, of course, I wanted to take a look. I picked up most of toys (outdoor toys) for my dear friend that just had a baby, but found something for me too. This dresser (the bottom part) was a perfect size to fit with my thrifted shelf from about three years ago. They look together as they were meant to be for each other.

This addition really put our little kitchen together and created brand new space for us. I have enough storage for all those little things just laying around before and shelf to show off my little treasures.

I hanged my favorite vintage apron on the drawers and love it even more.

Look what I found in thrift shop? I think it's beginning of a new collection. It fits great in my new/old kitchen.

Our new addition might not coordinate with our second shelf in the kitchen, but I know that one day when we have our own house we will be able to make it work. For right now, we enjoy what we have and collect pieces for our future dream home.

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