September 24, 2008

WIP #2

Another project that is awaiting its finishing. Plan is to finish before winter, so we shall see.

99% of fabrics used here are once and again scraps that i inherited from my dear friend Pat. If you check back on some of my past projects, there is very few where I DID NOT use Pat's fabric. I should have her photo and name on my side bar dedicated to sponsors.

Log cabin quilt mainly inspired by this. I have few more block added on already since this picture was taken, but still about 20 to go. If I end up with enough scraps left, I would use the same border as she used.


Cybele's patch said...

I found your blog through Dutch Blue and I'm rather surprised. It looks good and the things you are doing are just great. I bookmark your blog and have a look now and then.

Michaela said...

Thank you Cybele, you are very sweet.

corry said...

Your logcabin looks wonderful! Good luck on finishing this quilt before winter...i'm still quilting on mine!

Michaela said...

Thanks Corry,
I said finish and meant just to finish the quilt top. :)
I am not that confident. Quilting would be next year project.