September 21, 2008

Lucky me...

Don't you love it when someone goes "gaga" over something you made? I do, I do and I do. It is great satisfying feeling of great accomplishment. Don't we create things for others because we expect that they will love it (at least as much as we do) and use it and their friends will admire it?? Well, maybe I am going a little too far, but during our trip to PA I had that feeling. The pillows you see I made for Gramma and here are her cousins and other related ladies admiring them.
One of them(the one in the striped shirt) decided that she will give me some of her mother's and hers left over fabric (old fabric? scraps? yeah....). I received a surprise package couple weeks after our visit out there. Sorry, I don't have a photo. I made this table runner to her taste as a Thank you and guess what? She is putting together more fabrics for me. Thanks Anna.

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