March 13, 2009

This and that....

Yesterday, after coming home from work, I could hardly wait to sit down and really enjoy my new space with my favorite music playing and full tea cup on the side. So I pulled one of the old WIP projects that I planned to finish. I guess that was not supposed to happen. I did it all, music and tea and motivation, but everything that I possibly could do wrong, I did wrong. I had one of those evenings.
First, I cut the fabric in the wrong direction. They are supposed to be waves on the ocean. Yeah, wrong direction.

After all new stripes cut, I sew them all (because of the chain sewing) the wrong side on. Oh, how I hate seam ripping...
After resewing them with the right sides together, I found another mistake. I think these blocks just don't want to become a quilt top.
Can you see that mistake on this one? Check out my plan sketch for help...

So this is where I stopped and pulled a different project out.
I decided to pull down my big basket of scraps and look through to sort. What can go wrong with sorting?
I sorted super small pieces from larger scraps and all of the medium ones I cut into mostly one inch strips for this project. I joined in late, so I have a lot to catch up.
While sorting, I made a nice little pile of pink and orangish strips for Project Improv. I joined in late for that one as well, so I need to send my blocks in still.
So I started on those.

The first one I did is not my favorite, it would be probably because I started on it last night and I trimmed it weird, but this second one I really like.( I am considering the whole quilt out of these.) Jacquie, I am sending both in, see if you could use them.

Now I am off to finish my Boat quilt from last night. Wish me luck :) !

P.S: Thanks to Rose for Sisterhood award I received from her. Check out her blog, she makes some great garments for herself.


Lenka said...

Michaela mas super talent. len tak dalej. ten napad z lodkou je vyborny. idem pisat o quilt a patchwork pre slovenske maminy na mojom blogu tak ak by ti nevadilo tak by som spomenula tvoj blog a obrazky. daj mi prosim vediet. mam rubriku tvoriva praca a sikovne zienky a myslim si ze tam pravom patris. dakujem

jacquie said...

sorry about the mishaps...but look what you turned out soooo well! i love the blocks. they're going to be a great addition to the quilts!

Dana said...

Nice, nice, nice improv blocks! I especically love the one that looks like a flower!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the circular one.

I just noticed you're in Sycamore. I grew up in St. Charles and used to go to Sycamore often.