February 20, 2009

Mountain Baby Blankets

I am not sure how many of you actually watched Diane Sawyer's Hidden America special on the Children of The Mountains in rural Eastern Kentucky last week. I didn't because we don't have TV (cable, anyway), but I am glad that some of you did. Rachel did watched and decided to help. I would like to join her and ask all who can to join as well.

Rachel contacted the CAP organization, that goes out into the community to care for many teen moms in Appalachian Kentucky. There is a great need for warm blankets there.

Specifically, they have requested:

* Receiving-size blankets
* Blankets for swaddling (flannel, for example)
* Crib size quilts and blankets
* Child/toddler size quilts and blankets
* Twin size quilts and blankets

Please, visit her blog and look for any additional information.

I will be posting some ideas and links for free simple and quick baby quilts. I have som much fabric that was handed down to me by others. For me this is a great way to use it up.
Here are some of the links for now:
Crazy Mom Quilts
Sew Mama Sew
All People Quilt
Quilts for Kids
Charity Quilts Patterns


Miri said...

I think this is a wonderful idea...I went to Rachel's blog too. I'm going to see what I can come up with.

Becky said...

I didn't see the special, but this is a great idea. I actually spent two of my college-years spring breaks working on houses in rural KY with an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity, and it really is amazing how poverty-stricken the area is. Especially when I think that this is within a day's drive of where I live.

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