July 10, 2008

More stuff...

I need to take some more pictures this weekend, but would like to post about few little projects that I've worked on over time.
Four season reversible table runners:
I made these for my future mother-in-law. One is Fall(Thanksgiving) and Winter (Christmas) and the second one was Spring and Summer. I had a pattern from a client at work. You are quilting them as you sew. Sorry, I couldn't find the instructions anywhere online, but I will share them if anybody is interesting.




She likes bright colors as you can see. She likes to buy fabric and then give it to me with the request for something. Another one of these projects was this bag.

She picked up a fabric, bought the handle and even a pattern and brought it over. How much easier it could be? I will post the pattern later (Have to find it first..)

Sewing around the handle wasn't easy. There is magnetic snap on, which works great.

Enjoy your day!

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