February 7, 2010

My weekend experiments...

I am so happy to be back here with a good news.
My new batch of yogurt turned out amazing! It's thick and oh so yummyyy!

I have to thank Jennie for suggesting to let it set much longer because that is exactly what I did. I place it on closed heating vent and covered with blankets for most of the day (about 6-7 hours) When I went to check on it later it was still runny, I realized that since I am baking a lot in the kitchen, our heating stopped running, so I moved the yogurt on the top of the stove while the oven was cooling and left. An hour or so later, the yogurt was thick to the point that when I turned the jar sideways, the yogurt stayed in its place.
( Another friend suggested to place it on the top of the fridge towards the back, where it's nice and toasty. )

This morning I had the best yogurt ever.

So how about the bread?
I used the same recipe from Hanna for no-rise bread and made these buns. This time I used only white flour. They turned out great!

For the loaf of bread, I tried my mom's recipe or bread she made when I was little. I have so many memories of this bread baked in our house and me laying my head on the towel covered bread feeling how nice and warm it is.

Mom's bread

1 kg (6 cups) all-purpose flour
1 spoon of salt
3 tsp dry yeast
2 spoons of vinegar
6 dcl (2.5 cups) warm water
1 spoon of sugar
3 medium size boiled potatoes, shredded (I cooked them and used larger cheese shredder)

Add water, yeast and sugar, mix well, let sit for couple of minutes. Add flour, salt, potatoes, vinegar. Knead the dough (it will be light) and let it rise on the warm spot. (about an hour, or until it doubled in size) Spill out from bowl on the flour covered surface and knead some more, roll out a bit and fold, let rise again for about 20 minutes, repeat once more.
Create a oval shaped loaf and place on the flour covered baking sheet.
Bake on 200 C (390 F) for 15 minutes, then on 150 C (300 F) for 45 minutes
I used brush and brushed the loaf several times with water as it was baking, makes nice crust.

- now, I was lazy (I know I wish I didn't do this, but I wanted to be done faster) and only let the dough rise once (just to see if it would work anyway). It turned out OK, but it took much longer to bake. After 45 minutes, I had to raise the temp. on 200 C again and give it another half an hour or so. Also, I remember mom's bread being bigger. I learned my lesson... :(


BuggletQuilts said...

I love my homemade yogurt! It's awesome w/fresh berries and a little honey. I'll have to try your bread recipe. I've been wanting to try some bread.

winterpeachblog said...

I have never ever heard of anyone making their own yogurt. I am glad I learned something new today by visiting your blog!

Ajka said...

Mnam, dala by som si taky teply, vonavy chlebik... len tak so solou...

QuiltedSimple said...

I need to try making yogurt again - the kids love it with frozen fruit. I have a 4 day weekend coming up this weekend, maybe I should. It looks yummy.

Lenka said...

to znie vyborne. musime vyskusat

hanna said...

oh yay, I'm so glad the yoghurt worked!
And you know what - I just realised you were making the 'no-rise bread" before, for some reason I thought you were making the no knead bread - so my replies to you on it probably made no sense at all!!! But anyway, it's worked great this tme so yay :)

hanna said...

oh and that's the potato bread you were talking about - I must give it a go!