November 12, 2008

Eeek... .... and three different giveaways...

You know it's winter when......

you need to purchase more of these....

because you already ran out from what you bought this year.

Anybody who lives on the farm knows that as soon as farmers harvest the fields around, you are going to have some visitors. There is nothing you can do about it. Well, except get some of those sticky traps (We tried live traps already, they don't work). When we moved on the farm three years ago, we didn't know this. We weren't prepared at all and it wasn't pleasant experience, I would say. Ever since, we are ready as soon as the leaves start turning colors.
Unfortunately, I work in small firm that is also on the farm, small house made into the office, so I am dealing with it at work as well. I am city girl (at least if you would look where I grew up), but I love to be where I am right now. I love everything about it, except our visitor in the winter. What do you do? There must be some some sacrifice everywhere, right?
My mom is disgusted every time I even mention it, so I don't anymore. She thinks I am crazy leaving the town life.

I know I shouldn't even talk about this here, but I found three of them caught at work this morning and thought about my life on the farm again. A thought of posting the picture of that came and flew away very quickly, don't worry.

Does anybody else has to deal with these little creatures this time of year?

There are several giveaways going on. One is better than the other.
This one is from Old Red Barn Co. Go check out those quilts they are absolutely fantastic.Yes quilts!

The other one is from Simplify . The winner gets quilt of his/her choice. She makes it all kind of fun and not that easy.

The last one is over here at Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk . Debra is giving away a beautiful journal.

Go on to check them out!


Dallas said...

Thanks for posting the links. We don't have any mice, but we have had squirrels in our attic this winter. I keep hearing them scampering around.

Katherine said...

I have a big farm behind my house,and visitors....I hate them :(
I still can wrap my head around how they get inside the house...EEKkkk!!!