November 4, 2008

Mama to Mama

I suspect that most of you already heard about Mama to Mama project that Amanda launched yesterday. I was also overwhelmed by all the info that Meg provided in her yesterday's post (and there is more in comments).
I thought that I could share a few ideas how to spread the word or found resources and therefore create mor hats for Haiti babies.

1. Post about this on your blog, you can get the banner here.

2. Talk to your friends at the local quilt shop, your fabric shop.They tend to like participate in hese projects.

3. If you don't have any T-shirts suitable for cutting, there is always Salvation Army.

4. And if you feel overwhemed with all those projects on your list for Christmas and are afraid that you might run out of time (deadline is December 10th), relax and think about how long those tiny hats could actually take to make, probably not to long - one evening?

5. Post about hats you make, it might work as great inspiration for others.

If you have some other ideas to help to spread the word , please go ahead and leave a comment.

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