January 25, 2009


Most of you heard me talking about my sister, right? If not looking at her quilt, or new baby girl that is making her the happiest mom on the world, than you definately read (or still can) about the precious gift I got from her.
Well, she officially started her own blog. I showed her a lot of blogs while I was home and she was inspired. She writes in Slovak, but puts a lot of pictures up, so you can easily guess what she is writing about. You could also have her page translated by google. (It translates weird sometimes, but gives you an idea.)
Please, go on and support her, she doesn't know anybody from the blogland yet, but is eager to get to know all the other crafty moms.

I have been occupied by school for the past two weeks. It seems like this semester will be a bit chalenging, but I will get in the normal posting schedule soon.


Danielle said...

I love her blog, I bookmarked it even though I can't read a word except the boy's names lol... I can view the pics!!!

Rose said...

Those challenging semesters are usually worth the effort. Hang in there! What a nice sister you are. I'll check out her blog. Can she understand or translate English?