January 2, 2010


Hello 2010!

As I said, I have a lots of ideas in mind for crafting this year. I was inspired by one of my Christmas presents. Many of you probably already seen the movie Julie & Julia or read either one of the books that are out there. Well, until this holidays, I did not. And so, as I watched my copy of the movie while my own blog have been abandoned for couple of months, I decided to change something.
I finished watching the movie on Christmas Eve, well it was 4 am so technically it was the Christmas Day, my head swelled up with ideas and questions of how could I inspire myself to keep blogging and sewing even though time and money are going to be tight in 2010?
It didn't take me too long..., but I kept it simple.. Now, I have no desire to write a book or making a movie, oh no. All I am in for is an inspiration, something that will keep me going when another crazy semester starts and my free time shrinks to almost nothing as well as my energy level.

So here is my challenge:

Use up as much as possible and only the existing fabric and material, meaning what is home, here, ready for me to use.
And yes, there is plenty for me to do for a whole year, believe me.

I am working on my "to do" list that I can hang somewhere near.
Also, this challenge of not buying any new material can't affect the quality of the projects/ quilts crafted, rather should make them unique and more interesting.
I feel that my challenge is not going to be the fact of not buying anything new, since as I mentioned, I will have to use my grad student resources for survival only. However, the challenging part should be the one of creating with what I have. How will I do when I will miss that perfect shade of green or need more of the color/ pattern I already have. I do understand that certain sewing supplies will be needed as my current stash will dwindle down, such as, thread and batting, but maybe I will try to focus on the quilt tops then and wait with quilting as resources will allow.
So, wish me luck!


Miri said...

I think this is a great idea! And I bet you will be surprised by all that you make...I love doing scrap quilts and you'll be surprised how you really don't need that exact fabric. Some ideas that might help: for borders-think pieced borders so you don't even need any large pieces of fabric for borders and even pieced backs!

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Jennie said...

Don't forget that you can probably trade with other quilters for that "perfect shade of green"! I'd be happy to do that, any time. Then we both get something new, and neither has to pay for it :)

Ann said...

Great challenge for yourself!
I shall look forward to following your efforts during 2010 - best of luck.

Kind regards
Ann from Denmark

corry said...

Happy New Year Michaela! What a great idea. I wish you much inspiration and lots of succes!

QuiltedSimple said...

Great challenge. I'm going to try it too - need to trade anything???? It's time to clear out the sewing room (and the yarn stash) so I can start fresh. lol

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I started reading the Time Traveler's Wife. I really like it.