December 5, 2008

I am running out of time to sew, but that doesn't stop me from playing with ideas.... not mine!

I' ve been hiding behind books and computer (working on projects for school/ reading blogs...) for the past week and coming home in the evenings exhausted. I think I took two or three naps approximately from 6pm till 10pm and worked on my school stuff later those nights. I prefer to get up earlier in the morning and study before exams as oppose to late nights (I can't keep my eyes open and fall asleep anywhere - literary), but naps helped a bit with that.
I wanted to share with you something that was the closest I've got to any crating, sewing related activities this week.
Jacquie at Tallgrass Prarie Studio, have posted about the quilt she's been working on and asking for ideas for the layout of the blocks that she and her mom created. Playing with the ideas for quilts' layouts is by far my favorite part about quilting. I needed to work on the paper about soil requirements for septic systems in my county (you probably wonder what I study... haha..). What do you think I did first?
Yep, I sketched a layout for Jacquie's quilt and fought with our 100 year old scanner in order to send it to her. Then I started on the septic systems, but was too unpatient to see what she would think about it, since it was very different from what others suggested.

I waited and waited and today I got to see it. I love it! She altered a few blocks which made it totally Jacquie style. I think she is happy with it. I feel satisfied because I had something creative and beautiful to think about this week (think septics - eek),
Check out Jacquie's quilt here.
Thanks Jacquie! You made my day /week ! :)


Rose said...

Septic systems eek! Since I have one, I'm glad that someone studies them! I do like the quilt design so I know you are creative. Are Septic systems creative?

jacquie said...

no made my day and made my quilt! you're the best!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This was a fabulous idea. I love how she is making it. Wonderful!