December 8, 2008

More handmade presents....

I refused to buy presents this year. I feel that we all have stuff we need and if we don't we buy it for ourselves anyway because it's needed or because we really want it. And who knows better what we need than we do.
With little ones it's different, I understand, but also only from certain age. Babies don't care if it's made or bought.
So I made almost all my presents this year. I said almost because there are certain people (two in my case )around us that just would benefit more out of something else.
My presents for family in Slovakia are all packed and will be revealed later (from Slovakia).
There were few more that I was missing for people here in U.S..
These are throw pillows that will go to a home where handmade is loved. There is going to be quilt coming later, but that would really have to wait until after my trip.

The last one still in works. Let's hope I'll make it. Not today though, spending all day in school - finals.

Also, dont't forget to Freda's Hive today! Don't know what I am talking about? Check this out!!!

Another great 100th post giveaway is going on here!


QuiltedSimple said...

Love your pillows! I too have made/am making/ will be making almot all my Christmas gifts (except for the gifts for the teenage boys in our families). Of course, I just found out this morning about 2 more gifts I have to make - YIKES!!! Love the red and white pillow especially!

panhandler said...

Hi! Nice to meet you, I really like being a part of Sew Craft Blog and it's great meeting other crafters! I love your red quilt/pillow you've got in the last photo there, you do nice work!


Christina said...

Love the hour glass blocks!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Michaela - how fun to have you join in my blogaversary celbration. Thank you!

I totally agree about gifts, and I am doing very little this year.

My family is from slavakia. My grandparents didn't speak english when they came here. I want to visit there - someday!

Karen said...

Hey~I love your pillows! I found you on Giveaway Day, and am having another giveaway on my blog--stop by if you get a chance!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Nice cushion...they will make great gifts.

Rose said...

Those pillow are awesome (couldn't pick a favorite). There are going to be some lucky gift recepients!