October 27, 2008

Gone Quilting....

after two unsuccessful trials to quilt all weekend long (or at least one day), I finally got my day of quilting in. Since it is going to be a Christmas gift, I can only show you so much.

I decided to use disappearing ninepatch pattern because I wanted to create that mix and match look. However, I ended up with creating somewhat pattern anyway. Which is OK, since I still like it.

I have all my blocks sewn, not together yet because I had to stop and rethink my whole quilt.
Problem - not enough fabric (blue and green ones). I really don't want to go buy more.
Solution - I will need to add borders. I have enough left over to make stripy border and add some white solid for inner border.

(Sorry, for the light on photos, it was late when I remembered to take pictures or at least the type of pictures I can post without revealing too much of the quilt.)

This was my view most of the day. We put the ottoman on our sofa to prevent him to get on it, but as you can see he'll do anything - push all the pillows down to gain more space, knock down any other kind of barrier we come up with or tries to squeeze in the space he has available like he did yesterday.

Wish me luck to possibly finish this quilt tonight.Well, I kind of have to since I have an exam on Thursday. That will give me two other evenings to study with no distraction of unfinished quilt top.

I got a phone call from my quilter lady that my two other quilts are done. Soon to come... show and tell.

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em's scrapbag said...

Love the greens and yellows. Looks like your puppy knows whos boss. Good luck on your exam.