October 12, 2008

WIP #3

WIP - work in progress... Yes in progress. There is quite a bit of projects like this in my "studio" (corner of the living room including one table, file cabinet filled with fabric and other fabric freely laying around).
Well this is one of many. An Alphabet Quilt. I started this quilt about two years ago, didn't touch it for about a year and something, and pulled it out just recently. It took me a long time to find novelty prints that match my letters. AND this is not based on English Alphabet, so don't expect matching letter/print unless you speak Slovak. It is meant to be play quilt for four special boys back home. Hopefully, one day they will be able to play with it.

Every letter is paper-pieced. And the final quilt should look something like this.

I found pattern here. You can find a lot of free patterns there.

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