October 7, 2008

Quilt Show....

As I promised, I would like to share few (really just a few ) pictures from the Quilt Show I visited this Sunday.
This first couple is probably my favorite. I just admire all of the details and I just love those cherry blossom. Lately, I just idea of trees in quilts.

This one I like because of flowers. Obviously... It feels like the blooming meadow and I also love that you could use all of your flowery scraps. I have a ton especially from hand me down fabrics. I might give this one a try one day...

This quilt was my ultimate favorite. I love the story behind creating this quilt. Women, that made lost her husband Floyd in 2006, she finished this quilt in 2007. All the material she used came from his clothes and one of her skirts (so they could be connected.). She wrote up a letter about it and used it as a label. If you open that picture , you should be able to read it. It's amazing. I read the label out loud at the quilt show for few other women who could see very well and tears came to my eyes as I was reading this.
Look at the creative way she used all parts of his clothing, even tags from manufacturer and watch. From all the shirts she had left over without collars she made a huge log cabin quilt that was available to viewer right next to this one.

Few more quilts that would stay with me for awhile.

Miniquilt made by the formal graduate of NIU after February shootings.

Few more that left me with fallen jaw and examining the quilt with question in my head: "HOW in the world....????"

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