October 20, 2008

Good deals...

I guess, I never mentioned what I bought and won at the quilt show. Oh, I've seen fabrics and fabrics and patterns and quilt kits and all , but....
I was drawn towards the overflowing table full of old, vintage fabrics that ladies from the local quild brought from their homes to sell (almost for nothing) and outdated quilting magazines (3 for $1). I love these stuff. I don't know what it is that pulls me right to these old things.
However, old or not I found some great fabrics - all solids. Cotton and linen in white, off-white, natural and brownish shades. All of them are bundles of 1.5 and more yards.

This was my door price win. Set of four quarters. I might need to divide those on two and two. All four of them together don't necessary work for me.

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